Logarithmic x-axis does not work for seconday axis data series inExcel 2007?


Jan G

I have 2 data series - one using the primary vertical axis and one
using the secondary vertical axis. This works fine as long as the x-
axis is linear. However, when I change the x-axis to logarithmic, it
only plots the series using the primary axis as logarithmic. The
series using the secondary axis maintains its linear shape.

Any ideas on how to work around this problem?



John Weglian

I am using Excel 2007. It appears that when you select a set of data to be displayed on a secondary axis, by default, you get a secondary X-axis as well. When you select the graph, you should see tabs at the top for Design, Layout, and Format. Click on the Layout tab. You should then see a section under the tabs for Axes with buttons for Axes and Gridlines. Click on the Axes button. Click on Secondary Horizontal Axis and choose None. When I did this, both sets of data started to use the same X-axis.

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