Losing Link to OCX Control on FrontEnds.



I am losing my link to an ocx control when I deliver a new FrontEnd

I have a system with FrontEnds and a Backend on the server.
ForntEnd PC's are running WinXP(home) & Win2000

I develop my Frontend on a standalone pc NOT connected to the network.
I have an OCX control that I have registerd on my standalone PC
located in the same directory as my Frontend (C:\MyApplication)
All Networked PC's have the same directory wich is where their
Frontend and ocx control reside. So it's the same as my development PC

I am using Tony Toews AutoFE updater to deliver the FrontEnd.
So I copy my New version of the FrontEnd to the Network for the
users to download to their PC's.
That's when the link to the OCX control is lost and
I have to go to each PC and reconnect the Control.

What must I do to avoid haveing to goto each PC just to configure
the control everytime I deliver a New FrontEnd.

Thanks for any Help.


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