Lotus user to Outlook user Attachments missing



Hi everyone, I have a strange problem that hopefully someone can help with or
maybe point me in the right direction.

Infrastructure info: All our clients are running Office 2007 SP2 and we have
Exchange 2007 SP1 as our backend.

We have a client that has Lotus Notes and sends us many emails per day and
almost always they have attachments but usually PDF's, JPG's and DOC's. We
have just discovered that they occasionally send us scanned docs in MDI

The problem is that it appears as though when the client running Lotus
attached an MDI file and sends the email in HTML format the MDI file is not
available for the outlook user to open. Let me give you an example....

Lotus user sends an HTML encoded email with 2 attachments, let's call them
scan.MDI (1.5MB) and document.PDF (30KB), the entire email with body totals
2MB. Our Outlook 2007 user receives the email Outlook reports it as 2MB in
the size column but when opened only shows the body and document.PDF file,
the scan.MDI file is missing.

If the Outlook user attempts to forward the email to another email user
(regardless of client software) Outlook only sends a 70kb email with the
original body and document.PDF attached, no scan.MDI.

Just to confirm that it isn't a problem with the MDI file in question, I got
the MDI file from the client via a USB drive and attempted to send it to
myself from numerous locations (ISP email, hotmail etc.) and they were all
100% successful.

This process is 100% repeatable and I can confirm that it is Outlook's HTML
rendering of the Lotus Notes original email that is causing the problem
because I was able to retreive the email via Outlook Express and a POP3
connection to our Exchange server and view the email as Plain Text and both
the attachments were visible and openable.

Another thing we tried was opening the email through Exchange Web Access and
we cannot see the MDI file from there either, shows a 2MB email but only has
the body and PDF file attached when opened.

I'm completely confused at the moment and I don't know what to do from here,
any help that anyone can provide would be appreciated.


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