Mac Excel 2008 question




Two questions:

1) What happened to the microsoft.public.excel groups? I've been away
from them for about a year or so and have discovered that some of them
have almost died in the meantime. Is there another site which has
taken the traffic?

2) My main question I am asking this here because the charting group
is dead and also because some here might have experience trying to
work around the lack of VBA in Mac Excel 2008.

I made a chart (in Excel 2003 on Windows) to analyze a fairly large
of scienctific data. The data evolves over time. In such a situation
like to create simple animations which show how the data evolves over
time. I have done this many times using simple VBA macros. My problem
now is that a colleague of mine uses a Mac and has Excel 2008 which
crippled w.r.t. VBA. My macro was just a simple time loop that
the contents of a certain cell 10 times per second, after which
spreadsheet formulas involving named ranges control what data is
actually plotted. I read online that you could at least use form
controls (but not Active-X controls) on the Mac version - so I made a
different version of my spreadsheet with the macros deleted but with
slider (scroll) bar inserted and linked to a cell controlling the
parameter. The idea was to create a semi-automatic version where the
animation is implemented by the user sliding the bar. It works quite
nicely -- on Windows. It sort of works on the Mac - but the animation
aspect (more or less the point of it all) doesn't work. The Mac
version waits until the user releases the control before updating the
chart so that if you slide through several animated seconds on the
the graph just lurches to the final state without displaying any of
the intermediate states.

I know almost nothing about Macs and even less about Excel on the
Is there any way to get charts in Mac Excel to update in real-time?






Could you persuade your friend to upgrade to Excel 2011 on the Mac, so
that the macros that you originally had would work on that?


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