Macro to Format Multiple Sheets based on "Master" Format



I have multiple sheets with data in table form. Each sheet has the same exact headers (headers are in the range A10:Z10) but the number of rows vary.

The formats for each column vary from General, Accounting, Number, Date etc, and may change in the future.

I am searching for a macro that can go into specific sheets and reformat the range of data in the columns based on the format of a specific range of cells.

I have a master range, on a sheet I named “Master”. In cells A1:Z1, Here is where I have set my formats.

The macro will apply only to the tabs between tabs that start with either a"J" or a "T"

It will then go to first sheet, find the range of data below the header (starting in A11 and going to Z??), and format the data based on the formatting of the range from the Master tab.
It would then apply a thin, solid border around the whole range and “dotted” borders within the range. (I am not sure how to describe the varying levels of borders, but it is the one directly below “None” on border selection).

It would also hide column H and column P

Once complete, it would move to the next sheet.

Any suggestions?

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