Macro to save word pages separately as PDF and name them according to text in third line

Jul 3, 2015
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First poster here. Sorry if this issue has been raised before and answered but I did not find anything as a solution for me.

My problem is that I have a multipage word document and I need to save every single page separately as a pdf. Also, the names of the PDFs need to match whatever is in the third line of every page (the first line has a date, second line is blank and third line has the name). I've tried a few codes I found online but I am too much of a vba noob to understand how I can name the pages in the way I want.

This is the code I am using which is great because it has pop up windows asking where to save and how many pages I want to save. Still, the pages are saved with the names "Page 1", "Page 2" etc.

I am okay with changes to the above code or a different macro altogether (even one without pop up windows).

Thank you in advance! :)


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