Mail Merge skipping records/sending one at a time

Jun 23, 2020
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Good day, I am trying to send a Mail merge word document that I “Merge to Pdf” and send via email to about 400 records. I’ve been doing this for the past year and didn’t encounter any problems up till now.

Now when I do exactly the same as previously, only one record is send, I get no error, but there’s only one email in my sent items and one document under the saved files? I can see all the records when I click on “next record” and can see all 400, but yet only one get sends.

IT have reinstalled my Office365, all my Adobe licenses is up to date as I get no errors when I send it, but yet, it only sends to one record. There’s only 2 merge field on the document and I add a message when sending via email. Please assist.


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