Make MDE



When I try to make an MDE file, I get an error message that says simply
"Cannot make an MDE database". There is no help or workaround for this error
message. Any suggestions?



Lynn Trapp

You probably have some kind of uncompiled code in the database. Compile the
database and it should lead you to the error.

Todd K.

Is the database you are working in a 2003 version? I found out the hard way
that even though I have Access 2003 installed, that doesn't mean all of my
databases are built in v. 2003. If it is an older version, you can convert
to 2003 by going to Tools>Database Utilities>Covert Database. Then you
should be able to create an MDE.


I am having the same problem as Jerry. I am using access 2003 and the
database is in version 2002-2003 format. Another ideas?



Todd K.

Some restrictions may prevent you from saving your Access database as an MDE

You must have password access to the Visual Basic code.
If your database is replicated, you must first remove replication
(replication: The process of copying a database so that two or more copies
can exchange updates of data or replicated objects. This exchange is called
If your Access database references another Access database, or add-in
(add-in: A supplemental program that adds custom commands or custom features
to Microsoft Office.), you must save all Access databases or add-ins in the
chain of references as MDE files.
Additionally, if you define a database password or user-level security
before saving an Access database as an MDE file, those features will still
apply to an MDE file created from that database. If your Access database has
a database password or user-level security defined, and you want to remove
these features, you must do so before saving it as an MDE file.

To save an Access database that employs user-level security as an MDE file,
you must meet the following requirements before you can proceed:

You must join the workgroup (workgroup information file: A file that Access
reads at startup that contains information about the users in a workgroup.
This information includes users' account names, their passwords, and the
groups of which they are members.) that defines the user accounts used to
access the database, or that were in use when the database was created.
Your user account must have Open/Run and Open Exclusive permissions for the
Your user account must have Modify Design or Administer permissions for any
tables in the database, or you must be the owner (owner: When security is
being used, the user account that has control over a database or database
object. By default, the user account that created a database or database
object is the owner.) of any tables in the database.
Your user account must have Read Design permissions for all objects in the

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