make text fit within curvy border (that's in the header)



Is there a way to wrap text on the main document page "tight" around an object in the header that extends over the main part of the page? Or is there a way to get the same result, wavy-margined text, another way?

I'm working on a large document that will be spiral-bound. The colored border needs to always be on the outer edge of the page, so I've place the drawing object in the header, which is set to different odd and even pages.

The border is not a straight line; rather, imagine an S-shape. The text on the page needs to follow that S-shape instead of following a straight margin at the outer edge.

I thought about putting an S-shaped line on the edge of the page next to the border and then setting wrapping to "tight" and "wrap text: largest only"but then I might as well just put the border itself on the page.

My problem: Every time I add/delete text, the line moves. If I add enough text to create a new page early on, all the lines are now on the wrong edge of later pages.

I've tried setting the lines to not Move with text, tried locking the anchor, but so far nothing worked. How can I keep an object right where I put iton page 2, no matter if the text that used to be on page 2 is now on page 5? How can I get a wavy-margin? There MUST be a way...

Thanks for any tips,


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