making graphs in excell




I have just compiled some data from a questionnaire and i would now like to
make some graphs from it. I want to show the data responses for each
question separately. I also have 3 differing factors for each question - 3
types of people who answered the question; 3 types of place they work in and
3 types of level they work at. I haven't got a clue how to do this and i am
banging my head on the desk!! I was told to enter each entry as 1 or leave
it blank. If you understand this and could help me you will be my saviour!



Mike Middleton

Alexis -

If your data are arranged in standard "database" format, you should be able
to use the Pivot Table features to prepare summaries. Then use Pivot Charts
or "manual" bar or column charts to display the summarized results.

("Database" format for questionnaire results would typically be one row for
each respondent and one column for each question.)

- Mike

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