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I have a master project with many inserted projects. I have another
file which contains the Resource Pool. I am using MS Project 2003. I
am using a split view with Resource Usage on top and Resource Graph on
the bottom.

I want to be able to see the correct results in the Resource Graph for
a particular resource across the projects. Within the Resource Usage, I
am grouping by "Assignments Keeping Outline Structure". The grouping
seems to be fine and the roll-up of all the various hours on all the
various projects is correct. However, I can't figure out how to get the
Resource Graph to show the correct allocations.

1) I have selected the roll-up line for the specific resource in
Resource Usage and I get 0 allocations in the resource graph (0 for any
of the months that have usage of the resource).

2) If I select one of the tasks under the resource grouping in
Resource Usage, I do get the correct graph for that line, but that
doesn't solve my question for seeing the graph for all the tasks
assigned to that resource.

3) If I select multiple tasks (or all tasks) under the specific
resource in resource usage view I get a graph that shows data but it
doesn't match the roll-up total for the resource.

How can I get the Resource Graph to show the correct resource usage
totals for a specific resource?



Andrew Lavinsky

The easiest way would be as follows:

1) Make a copy of the default Resource Graph and call it _SEL Resource Graph
(or something like that)
2) Navigate to the Resource Sheet
3) Split the view using the Window > Split Screen command
4) Modify the bottom view to show your new _SEL Resource Graph view
5) Right click on the resource graph component, and modify the Bar Styles
6) Transfer the settings from the left (All Resources) to the right (Selected

Now, clicking on a resource at the top will give you what you need in the

Does that work for you?




Jack Dahlgren

As you have found out, the bottom pane shows details for what is selected in
the top pane. No assignments selected in the top - no work shown in the

I think what is causing problems for you is the grouping. If you simply put
the resource usage view on the top and compare with the graph on the bottom
they should be the same.

Is there some reason you are grouping within the resource usage table? I
don't see what advantage that gives you in that view. It may be misleading
you as well as things do not always group the way some people expect.

-Jack Dahlgren

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