.mdw files



I have a database on my local machine which I am getting
ready to deploy to the network but when I created the
security structure for the database, it overwrote the
system.mdw. Isn't it supposed to create a new .mdw when
using the security wizard so not all of my Access
databases are using the same .mdw? Also, I am going to
change the name of the system.mdw file and place a new
system.mdw file on my machine. How do I point a database
at the renamed.mdw file without having every database on
my machine point to the renamed.mdw file?

Thanks in advance for the help!



Scott McDaniel

AFAIK, it won't create a new .mdw unless you tell it to ... as far as
pointing the db to a specific workgroup, create a shortcut with syntax like

"Path to MSAccess.exe" "Path to your db" /wrkgrp "Path to your workgroup

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