Merge field truncated to first 18 characters from source?



Hi all,
I have a Word template that merges data from an Excel file. I need to add a new merged field to this template that truncates the source data to the first 18 characters. In other words:

Within the Excel file is a field called <<title>> which I've added to the Word template (as <<title>>), how do I truncate this word field to the first 18 characters of data in the excel "title" field?

Unfortunately, if I could add a field to the Excel file, this would be easy but I'm using a proprietary system that calls does not allow the Excel table to be changed in anyway. I am limited to altering the Word template only.

Does doing this in Word require a VB code? BTW - the last time I used VB was as a student and I think it was VB ver.2 (I'm showing my age!0 and I don't really remember much from that class!! So, any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!



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