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Discussion in 'Excel Beginners' started by jc.yin, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. jc.yin

    jc.yin Guest

    I've got a set of columns like this in excel:

    ID sizeAndColourAndSku_Value
    2ff0d3d7-8c18-4386-83be-1b2485fb4ea9 Select size
    2ff0d3d7-8c18-4386-83be-1b2485fb4ea9 Extra Small - Available (only
    2ff0d3d7-8c18-4386-83be-1b2485fb4ea9 Small - Available (only
    2ff0d3d7-8c18-4386-83be-1b2485fb4ea9 Medium - Available (only
    2ff0d3d7-8c18-4386-83be-1b2485fb4ea9 Large - Available (only
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 Select size
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 6 - Available (only 2 left)
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 8 - Available (only 4 left)
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 10 - Available (only 6 left)
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 12 - Available (only 6 left)
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 14 - Available (only 4 left)
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 16 - Available (only 2 left)
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 Select size

    I need to combine merge them by their ID so the results become lik

    2ff0d3d7-8c18-4386-83be-1b2485fb4ea9 Extra Small Small Medium
    4697ce05-2e50-4e67-85d5-ad733e15ae95 6 8 10 12

    I read here that the quickest and easiest way to do this is with a pivo
    table in excel

    However I'm using excel 2010 and the method they've provided doesn'
    really work, anyone able to help me out with this?

    jc.yin, Aug 8, 2013
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  2. I do not understand your data or how you obtain your results.
    In particular, your row containing ID ....ea9 in the results seems to be in the same row as the label, with no numbers
    your row containing ID ....ae95 has numbers next to it, but in your source data, there is no indication that these numbers refer to any particular size; and there is no explanation as to why the size 16 is missing.

    Perhaps if you post a workbook, containing a reailistic example of your data source, and desired output, it might be easier for me to figure out what you want. There are many free sharing sites on the WEB. If you have a microsoft hotmail or windows live account, you can use Skydrive.
    Ron Rosenfeld, Aug 8, 2013
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