Microsoft Access can't save your changes to this bound OLE Object



Hi all,

I keep getting this error message whenever i open an embedded PDF in my
access form. it only says that i dont have permission to write to the record
in which the object is stored, or the record is locked by another user. I did
not invoke any protection, nor is this file shared with anyone, so this is
definately not right.

I am the creater and user of this database. I did not have this problem
before when i used office 2002, it is only after i got a new pc with office

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.



Dec 8, 2015
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If anyone still has this problem, here is the solution:

Set the OLE Bound Object Frame to Enabled NO, Locked YES

Then Add in a button next to the OLE Bound Object Frame which has the following code (OLEObjectFrame is the name of the OLE object on the form):

Private Sub cmdOpenFile_Click()
Me.OLEObjectFrame.Action = acOLEActivate
End Sub

This allows a person to click the button to open the form, but does not come up with that error

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