Microsoft.Project.OLEDB.X.X provider not registered - help please



I am trying to import data from MS Project Pro 2007 using this connection

Provider=Microsoft.Project.OLEDB.12.0;Project Name=C:\Documents and
Settings\Administrator\My Documents\test.mpp;

I have also saved the project as Project 2000 -2003 and tried the above
string with OLEDB.9.0(10.0 & 11.0) which all display the same error:

Connection was not successful: The 'Microsoft.Project.OLEDB.12.0' provider
is not registered on the local machine.

I have searched for the web for hours on this and can't find an answer. Any
help would be greatly appreciated.



Rod Gill

This group is closing soon, so in future please use the programming group
for this type of topic or the project.server group for project server.

Project 2007 does not have oledb drivers any longer :-((. Apparently a
download is available for the 2003 oledb driver but it only works with 2003
format files.


Rod Gill
Project MVP

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