microsoft public word numbering tips



dear friends,
In "Word's Numbering Explained," John refers to List Templates and
that the seven most recently used List Templates are displayed in the
Bullets and Numbering dialog box. I see these, and have often been
by the different templates I see each time I display that dialog box.
doesn't seem to provide any access to List Templates. Where are List
Templates saved? Can I access them and control them in any way?

I'm a long-time user of Word since the DOS version first appeared and
mostly been very satisfied with its performance and capabilities.
Prior to
using the original version of Word, I used WordStar and Multimate --
remember those? At one time, I even had to work with WordPerfect (DOS
version) because that was what one of my clients required.



Stefan Blom

To control list templates, you need to make use of VBA. With VBA, you can
create and modify list templates, but you cannot delete them.

But note that the recommended method for setting up numbering in Word is
explained here:

If you are using Word 2007, you can create a multilevel list (an
outline-numbered list) via Home tab | Multilevel List; the easiest way is to
click one of the predefined formats. Alternatively, you can click Define New
Multilevel List to create a list from start.

To edit an existing list, do the following: Place the insertion point in the
first level 1 paragraph of your list (which means the first Heading 1
paragraph of the document if you are editing heading numbering), and then
click Home tab | Multilevel List | Define New Multilevel List. You are
presented with a dialog box similar to the Customize Outline Numbered List
dialog of Word 97-2003, where you can access all aspects of numbering.

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