Microsoft recent update causing multiple VBA errors (eg unable tosave)



At the beginning of the week my PC was updated with some Microsoft
security updates which has resulted in a number of problems occurring
with MS Word documents. I am on an business network and we are
running Office 2007 and Windows XP.

The issues all seem to be related to documents that have been created
based on a template. The template in turn has a reference to another
template that contains a small amount of VBA code.

1st issue - unable to save the document. There are no error messages,
the document just doesn't save and you can't do a 'Save As' either.

2nd issue - selected line of code gets a run time error '5981' "could
not open macro storage"
Dim myWord As Word.Application
myWord.Selection.TypeParagraph ' this line executes
myWord.Selection.Style = ActiveDocument.Styles("Screen and Border") '
this line gets the run time error

3rd issue - opening documents from an Access database gets an error
"Word could not fire the event". You click 'OK' and the document

I have searched various forums but there wasn't much relating to Word
2007. I have tried the suggestions from the following link



Jon Robertson

Do you know anything else about this issue?

Our application uses COM Automation to integrate with the Office
applications. Several of our customers have suddenly started receiving the
same errors that you mention.

I'm investigating several avenues. But any insight that you can share would
be appreciated.




Had the exact thing happen - it was some kind of MS Office security patch and
some code that this place I work at stopped working. The only fortuante thing
for me was I only pushed it out to a test group. I had to take drastic
action, I was able to get away with using a System Restore point. Otherwise
its a re-image or re-install of everything I'm afraid. Even rolling out of
the patch doesn't help.


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