Migrate User Settings hangs during Outlook 2007 setup



I had to back out of an office-wide Office 2007 SP1 upgrade this weekend,
because 10 out of 10 test users had Outlook hang during the migration of
their user settings. We let one of them go for over 4 hours, and it didn't
seem to make a difference. The issue seems to be related migrating from
Outlook 2003 profiles with active .PST files. To work around this for the
test users, I forced an End Task on Outlook and then remove the .PST file
from the mail profile and then let the migration continue. I then added the
..PST file back in, successfully. The process takes about 10 minutes per
computer. While this seems to work in an individual case by case basis, I
can't imagine coming in on a Monday morning with 2/3rd of the office down
waiting for me to swing by their desk and spend 10 minutes to migrate their
Outlook settings.

I have done a fair amount of research on this, and most of the suggested
center around deleting the mail profile and creating a new one. Again, this
seems a bit extreme. What am I doing wrong? This is failing on 100% of my
machines during a clean install, or an in place upgrade.

Thanks, Scott

P.S. we are upgrading from Outlook 2003, and whether or not the file is ANSI
or unicode doesn't seem to make a difference.


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