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lesio family

I have win xp sp3 and MS Office 2003 - I am using publisher to maintain our
today when I updated the info in pub file, saved it and published it as a
new index file I've noticed that some part of the website is missing
i.e. buttons (links) - they are part of the master page
I can see them in the pub file but not in the html file - why?
I tried to attach 2 pictures for illustration but the post was too big (142
what I did wrong?
any suggestions , please

Rob Giordano [MS MVP]

Because Master Pages don't work with webdesign...remove items from the
master page and put them on the pages.


In addition to what Rob has said, at 142kb, your pictures are too big. They
will slow down the loading of your website, especially for dial-up viewers
and that can lead to viewers not waiting for yours to load and going to
other websites. I aim to keep all of the pictures on my website at below
50kb, most are about 32kb.
If you don't already have a programme to do this, downloading and installing
the free Irfanview is a good move.

It's easy to install and easy to use. You just open the programme, then
File>Open, open the file you have your picture in and then insert the
picture. Then go to Image > Resize/Resample and change the size of your
picture. Do a 'Save as' and then check the size of your picture in kbs. You
may have to repeat the process but when you've got your picture below 50kb
then you can insert them into your website.



Just a note regarding picture sizes.

The dimensional size of a picture is one thing, the picture file size is
another and is a function of its resolution.

Using a program like Image Ready (a subset of PhotoShop), it is easy to
reduce the picture file size without reducing the dimensions of the picture.

For a JPEG picture changing its optimisation from high to medium can reduce
the file size by a little over half with an acceptable loss of quality.
Reducing from high to low, however, can result in a severe loss of quality.


Thanks Geoffrey,

I've not used any of the PhotoShop products so can't comment on them, but
it's good that you can reduce the file size without compromising the
dimensions or quality of the picture.

I use Irfanview and do find it easy to use, but one thing that my experience
has shown me, is that the quality of the finished product greatly depends on
the quality of the picture you start with. You can play around for hours
trying to improve the quality, but if it was bad to start with, you're
fighting a losing battle.


lesio family

hi guys (and lady:))
sorry for the confusion
"I tried to attach 2 pictures for illustration but the POST was too big (142
I meant 2 screenshots (50kb each) for the illustration of the problem - but
the post would not upload to this newsgroup because of the total size
I will follow your advises regarding resizing photos - it is always good to
know other ways/programs - thanks

..... but before I did not have these symptoms!
and unknowingly I was doing it the same wrong way - what's different this


Using the Master Page feature with web publications produces unpredictable
and inconsistent results...some things work, some don't but bottom line is
you should not use it. Move everything off the MP. In the future post a link
to the problem page instead of trying to attach images or screenshots.

Also, though it is generally a good idea to size and optimize images for the
web before you insert them into a web publication, you can get mostly there
with the compress images function in 2003 and 2007:

Reference: Compress graphics file sizes to create smaller Publisher Web
pages (2003):

Reference: Compress Pictures dialog box (2007):


lesio family

thank you, I will move stuff from MP to individual pages.
I did not submit the link because when I have noticed missing buttons I did
not upload my new index file to our website
so on the web everything still looks fine :)



I quoted Image Ready but there are many other programs that will do this. I
use half a dozen of them, depending on the task I want to perform, but I
admit to using Image Ready more than any other.

Another one, for instance, is PhotoStudio which allows you to control the
resolution precisely, and thereby the file size. The only setback with the
old version of PhotoStudio I use is it only processes JPEG, whereas Image
Ready also deals with GIF, PNG, and BMP.

All my utility programs are old versions, but hey !... I'm more than 500
years old myself.


Ok, now I understand about your pictures, but compressing them and generally
keeping them at 50kb or below is a good idea.

I'm making a complete guess here but I notice from your screen shot that you
have a Norton tool bar, does that mean that you have this product as your
Anti Virus?

I seem to remember reading here at some time that this product can sometimes
produce unpredictable results to a publisher web site? One of the other guys
may know a little more about this...

Good looking site by the way.



You must be over 600 years old now Geoffrey.... as a great philosopher and
diplomat, no doubt that's where all your great wisdom comes from!! :)


In that case it may be the "grouping" problem with IE8. Read my response to
the two message above yours...Internet 8.0 and Disappearing navigation bar.
Try that solution...


lesio family

worked like a charm :)
thank you David

DavidF said:
In that case it may be the "grouping" problem with IE8. Read my response
to the two message above yours...Internet 8.0 and Disappearing navigation
bar. Try that solution...


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