Missing default cell styles on some large existing spreadsheets

Dec 6, 2014
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Hello Excel 2010 Specialists, Got a question for you. Have you encountered this issue? Somehow my excel "Styles Gallery" needs to be restored to Microsoft defaults for some spreadsheets. New spreadsheets start with the correct Styles gallery, but after a reboot, it moves to a lot of bad styles (i.e. forcing euro currency on date fields).
Steps taken
1. restoring individual spreadsheets, frequently, and again and again
2. upon system reboot, good spreadsheets go bad....which makes me think the issue is located in the regedit.
3. I've tried to add a new style....after the successful add "OK" button, it fails to show up on the long list of styles to use
4. I've tried to merge styles from a new good brand new spreadsheet....but it does not move the Microsoft default cell style options to the spreadsheet requested.
5. I've tried to delete a style....and some will delete, others won't. But how do I delete so many bad styles simultaneously?
6. I've searched Google for solutions, but no solutions have worked for me (or Tech Support) yet. Computer experts in the family have not found answers in their searches either.
7. I've looked thru the Menu areas and File-Options areas
8. I've glanced at regedit......No, I did not touch it, I was just looking for hints for a solution. No hints found
9. I've taken the names of the "custom" cell styles and did a C: Drive and full computer search to see where the cell styles might reside.... "*cell style name posted*" astericks around the cell style name and searching C:/ Drive and full computer....nothing is found.
10. I've done a Microsoft Excel - Repair which has not changed anything. New Excel files have correct the default Microsoft Excel Styles gallery....and old spreadsheets are corrupting on reboot of the computer. (So, the issue is on the individual spreadsheet bases and I could attempt to recreate spreadsheets, but that is a temporary solution until the next reboot. And recreating spreadsheets with lots of formats and concatenates, nearly 1000 rows and columns to CG....doesn't seem worth it.)
11. Even uninstalling/reinstalling Microsoft Excel did not return the default cell style options to my existing spreadsheets.


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