Moving topics and Subtopics in Outline Window and indexing?



We have a project that has 3 diagrams with 1 Main topic,
25 Topics, and around 90 sub topics, and page size is 14
inches by 27 inches. Is there a way from the Outline
Window to sort and move up and down Topics and sub topics
according to value associates with it? If you right click
a Sub topic and then move it up and down it does not
update the diagram, it only does it in the Outline Window.

The way stuff needs to be sorted that each sub topic has a
value associated with it ranging from 5000 to 300,000, and
I want to sort them from highest to lowest, like you can
do in Excel. Is there a function in Visio to do this or
does it have to be done by hand for each one separately.

Also, this ties into the first question somewhat, is there
a way to index or associate a shape (Topic) from page 1 to
Page 2 and automatically update one if you change the


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