MP4 hyperlink puzzle


Terry Pinnell

If I use Tools > Folder Options from an Explorer folder I can associate
MP4 video files in XP with various programs. Right now I have my default
association set to Media Player Classic, but I've also sometimes set it to
Windows Media Player, VLC, etc.

D-clicking or using Open With then correctly plays the MP4 file in the
associated player.

But in Word 2000 (and Excel 2000) a hyperlink to such a file always
insists on opening in QuickTime!

Anyone with the 2000 version able to reproduce this please?

Or anyone with a more recent version (and with MP4 not associated by
default with QT) able to try it please?

Or any other observations on this odd behaviour? QT has a reputation for
hijacking file associations (many threads, e.g. )
but so far this only seems to be happening on my PC with these Office
application hyperlinks.

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