MS Outlook inbox to MS Accsess Database

Jun 2, 2016
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Alright a bit of background on what I'm using, and why I'm trying to accomplish this.
I have a personal financial database with access 2016 that I run on my home machine. The DB is for keeping track of my spent money, so it has the following areas which need to be filled in Entry number, transaction amount, category, date, title, and description. Normally when I get home I will input my transactions, but I want to just email my database with the info to add to it.

Some of the things you should know is, My entry number field is not autonumber. I hate autonumber and it is annoying to fix if you need to remove an entry for any reason. Entry date if possible could just be grabbed out of the email's received time if possible. The entry description is 255 characters max.

Now if possible I would love to have the email look something like this


Online Services


My hope is to just email my database, and have it automagicly add the entry to my database. This is so I don't have to remember to add it to the db later. Why not do it now?

If anymore info is needed to help me make this please let me know.

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