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Hello All

Is there a way to open a Project file via VBA and use a predifined
field map. From the file menu I can for axample select:
myProject.mdb <my field map>

This allows me to open an Access MDB file and have the appropriate
table map corectly in Project. I would like to achieve the same
result by (shelling) to Project from Access and opening myProject.mdb.

Any help would be greartly appreciated.




Rod Gill


Firstly, this news group should be closing soon (I know we've been saying
this for years, but it is still marked for removal so please post in the
project.developers group in future.

To answer your question, myProject.mdb<My project Title> is what happens.
You are seeing the project title, not a map. When you save a project to a
..mdb file, the whole project is saved. When you open it, simply apply the
correct Table to see what columns you want.

However, if what you meant to say was if you have only some project data in
a .mdb that you want to import then record a macro of you doing this
manually then look at the recorded code. This should show you use a Map
parameter to specify what map to use.


Rod Gill
Microsoft MVP for Project

Author of the only book on Project VBA, see:

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