MSPRoject & ASP?


Lawrence C

you can search "CreateObject("MSProject.Project")" in
Google. And you will find some technical article. It's the
only way to find the know how to solve it.

I tried this before but not good. The initial problems are
about regsvc and registry. I spent all afternoon to do
it. And still ASP error. Maybe I am not experienced.

And the other problem is how to reCalculate the schedule
in ASP ? I know there's "Application.CalculateProject",
But the result is not correct.

For example, "Application.CalculateProject" will clean the
PCT% you inputed as 0$ because these tasks are not
finished. And still find nothing to solve this.




Thanks for the quick reply.
I guess it means we're both stuck now!
As for recalculating the project, shouldn't that be done
automatically after you perform changes through the
project object model?
PS-As for the ASP question, could a DLL written in VB or
something be the answer? I have tried this approach, but
my appication hangs anyway... Am I doing something very
wrong here or what?!



Lawrence Chen

Dear joao, your suggestion is very good.

You may refer MSProject object in your VB code. And then
export as ISAPI or COM+ dll.

If you have any good news, please tell us. many Thanks.
And I will cite your work in the FAQ.

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