Multi-Selection with Hand-writing draw tool

Jul 19, 2020
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Hey guys, So I'm a student using latest version of Office 365.
I'm using leptop Lenovo C340 which is also a tablet that comes with a pan.
I found out that Word have a "Draw" tab which is awesome but one thing that prevent me from moving from OneNote to Office Word is a multi-selection option which let me to move around with my pen and make a delimitation of all the objects(words,paragraphs) that I wrote down using my hand-writing pan.
In Word the only thing I can do is just select object-by-object and move groups that the office create by itself, this thing limits me SO SO MUCH and that's the only reason I'm not moving to use office as my notebook at class.

Why the hell office didn't make such basic thing like that, so many people are moving to work with tablet especially to iPads, why office wouldn't make a feature like that?
Am I wrong and there is actually an option like that and I didn't notice?
Thanks in advance!


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