Multiple master Layouts



I have a presentation imported from Freelance (via Symphony which does a
better job than straight Freelance output) and when I do View -> Master I can
see that there is a master layout there for each of the masters I had in use
in Freelance. I can edit them - and they do impact the related slides in the
presentation - BUT ...

I cannot find any way of associating a new slide with the requires one of
these layouts other than by copying one that has the required layout.
_Three_ different master layouts are associated with the Bulleted List and
_two_ with Title Only.

In my wife's copy of Windows PPT 2003(?) The masters show up as individual
slides and I guess can be applied by clicking on them. But in the Mac
version (2004) they are just in a huge long page with no obvious identifiers.

Is the only answer to switch to 2008 or is there hope without spending more $?


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