Multiply with Vlookup value from another Worksheet



Greetings all,

Sorry if this has been answered before, but please kindly offer me som
insight as to how to setup a proper formula for the following:

Basically, I would like to input a color in cell A2 on worksheet 1
which with vlookup it will display all the bas sub comp (A,B,C) & thei
weight from Worksheet 2 to be display onto cell D2-I2 on worksheet 1
which I have accomplished.

I would like to multiply the dynamic value in B2 with D2, F2, & H2 t
give me the each weight of amount of comp A, B & C. However, afte
browsering though multiple formulas I cant seem to get it to wor
(pardon me for being an excel dummy).

Attached is the excel file I am working on.

Any advise is appreciated!

Best regards,




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