my calendar entry time for event doesn't match calendar display



I have Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac. I had to wipe my hardrive and reload everything about two weeks ago. Today (3/6/08), when I enter a new event on the calendar it sometimes changes the time. Example: I enter 4:00 p.m., it displays 5:00 p.m. on the calendar. Just started this today.




Mickey Stevens

Make sure that your copy of Office is up to date. Download and install the
latest Office 2004 updates, which are the Office 2004 11.3.5, 11.3.6,
11.3.7, 11.3.8, 11.3.9, and 11.4.0 updates.

In Office 2004, use Microsoft AutoUpdate to get the latest updates. From
any Office application, go to Help > Check for Updates (or manually launch
Microsoft AutoUpdate from the Applications folder). If any updates are
needed, they will display in a sheet, at which point you can check them and
press the "Install" button to download and install them.

Updates can also be found at the Microsoft web site:

Also verify that your OS is up to date using Apple menu > Software Update.

You should quit and relaunch Entourage so that it gets the new time
information from the system. If that doesn't correct the problem, it could
be caused by incorrect time zone settings. Quit Entourage, and go to System
Preferences. Open Date & Time Preferences, and click the "Time Zone" tab.
Make sure you have a city in your time zone selected. Then, go back and
make sure the date and time are set correctly. If they're not, correct them
and click the "Save" button.

Now, launch Entourage, and go to Entourage > Preferences (Entourage >
General Preferences in Entourage X). Under General Preferences, choose
Calendar. Set the default time zone for new events to the local time zone,
and click OK. New events should now display properly. You might need to
open previously created events, and go to Event > Time Zone > <Your Time
Zone> to change them so that the times display properly.


Mar 27, 2013
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