My client is looking for SAP HR ...



I am a Staffing Specialist for USTech Solutions, a global company
specializing in staffing both Consulting and Full Time positions.
At some point in the past you contacted our firm directly or posted
your resume on the Internet.
If you are interested in the opportunity listed below, please forward
your updated resume along with current contact information or perhaps
you can recommend someone who would be interested in this position.

Job Title: SAP HR (Please send me your resume to
(e-mail address removed))
Location: Reading, PA or Akron, OH
Duration: 10 Months

Job Description: (Please send me your resume to
(e-mail address removed))
This request is for the necessary changes to support the activation
implementation of the upgrade of the SAP eRecruiting system for
enhanement pak 4,5, & 6 for the Human Resource (HR) dept . The
eRecruiting upgrade project is an effort by IT and HR to implement
the new functionality for the SAP eRecruiting module in the FE SAP
ECC6 environment after we install and activate Enhancement pak 4, 5 &
6. The consultant will assist HR IT with configuring the eRecruting
system to enable the desired new functionality that comes with the SAP
delivered enhancement paks 4, 5 & 6 especially in the area of the
eRecruiting Dashboard. The consultant needs to be well versed in
configuration of the new features associated with SAP eRecruiting
Enhancement Pak 4, 5 & 6 and the associated eRecruiting Business
Processes. They will also need to have some technical ABAP webdynpro
knowledge to help the HR IT technical staff switch from SAP BSP
technology to SAP ABAP Webdynpro. The consultant will also be involved
in unit, integration, and user acceptance testing of these changes.
The consultant will also need to transfer their knowledge to existing
HR IT staff to assist them with maintaining this updraded software
module. Required work includes, but is not limited to: SAP
configuration, testing, training, debugging, WebDynpro ABAP coding and
potentially BSP coding.

Need a technical resource who is familiar with the SAP Human Resource
(HR) eRecruiting Modules and various other HR (Human Capital
Management) SAP ERP systems and functionality within the Enhancement
pak 4,5 & 6. They also need to have experience with Business Server
Page (BSP) technology and using the SAP Debugger tool and the SAP IMG
configuration tool. They need to know the integration between the
eRecruiting modules and the SAP ERP system. They will need to assist
the FE HR IT team with determining how to incorporate the
customizations developed in the old BSP technology should be replaced
with the new ABAP webdynpro technology. They also need to have
experience updating HR Infotypes. Also need them to have knowledge of
coding in Webdypro for ABAP to help the FE team get an understanding
of the new architecture that comes with this upgrade. Also would be
helpful to have experience in searching SAP OSS notes to resolve any
issues in a timely fashion . Also would like to have them provide
knowledge/tips/techniques on the best approach to developing and
maintaining the new eRecruiting system after the Enhancement Pak
upgrade for 4, 5 & 6.

Thanks and Regards ïŠ ......
Talla Sainath
US Tech Solutions Inc.
Email: (e-mail address removed)
Work: 201-524-9600 x 137
Fax: 201-524-9601
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e-mail in error or wish to be removed from our e-mail list, please
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