My Tasks, Project & Notes



Why does the text entered in the notes field under My Tasks keep repeating in
the notes field in the project plan? For example, a team member enters xxxxxx
in the notes field in My Tasks and sends the task to the PM for approval.
Next couple of days the team member makes another entry (right below the
first one) and enters yyyyyy in the notes field and sends it to the PM for
approval. The PM approves the first submittal and looks at notes under task
information and sees the team member's name and xxxxxx--which is fine. But
when the PM approves the second submittal and views the notes in the task
information they see the team member's name xxxxxx and then the team member's
name again and xxxxxx and yyyyyy--when instead we should be seeing the team
member's name and xxxxxx and then team member's name and yyyyyy. Why is it
combining and repeating all of the entries and is there a way to prevent/stop


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