Nav Bar and Photo Problems with Go Daddy


Derek Osborne

I've been driving myself crazy with my website
I created a website on MS Publisher 2007. I uploaded all the files to
Go Daddy using their FTP Manager. Anyhow, the Nav bar works on the MS
Publisher but doesn't link to other pages after uploaded to Go Daddy.
Also my pictures don't show. I've read every post I could find and
tried every option. I've grouped and ungrouped the Nav Bar, nothing.
In fact, when ungrouped and uploaded, the cursor acts all funky when I
hover over the bar. I've also deleted my previous Nav bar that had
colors with it, and installed a new simple one with no modifications.
All suggestions I've read. I've also used the Format menu to link
each part of the Nav bar to the associated places in the site. As far
as pictures go, I've compressed all of them for web use. If you check
out my site, I only uploaded the photo that should show in the upper
left had corner. I didn't feel like uploading all of them again, just
to have to delete them all, too tedious. Just uploaded the one so
hopefully someone can tell me what's wrong. Please help!



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