Navagation bar dissapears in Internetexplorer8 how to fix this?


Lewis Wilson

I don't want to worry you with stupid questions but I do really need help all
the pages I built pass design check except for the Navagation bar and I'm
stumped I am not able to understand what is wrong when one inserts a
navagation bar from the choices offered and the E-Mail check system tells me
to remove the hyperlink sorry I must be the most stupid person trying to use
thia program which I think is the best of it's type. I suffered a stroke 3
years ago and my thought process is down about 20% so code is not an option
for me can anyone explain this to me?
I'm sure it's a simple fix and I dont want to loose hours of painstaking
work. I thank you all for this oppertunity and thank you in antipication
Best wishes Lewis Wilson




Please read the question and answer right before your's for a solution to
your issue.



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