Need "hanging indents" in my "wrapped text"



Version: 2004 Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Processor: Intel I need "hanging indents" in "wrapped text" cells to make my chart easier to read. How do I accomplish this?

p.s. The "View Ruler" menu item is "ghosted" (greyed out) in my "View" menu. . .

p.p.s. (Hanging indents look like an opposite indent ~ that is the text in the first row starts further to the left than the subsequent rows of text ~ typically bibliographies are presented this way.)

Thanks in advance!!! :D


There are no Hanging Indents in Excel just as there are no Tab Stops. You
might try doing something like this in PowerPoint where you can draw Text
Boxes & other shapes for such a purpose.


That's what I was afraid of! But I had to make darn sure before I gave up,

I have copied the 130+ rows into a Word table. But I was hoping to "save the step" by improving the formatting in Excel ~ where the relevant details for presentation are only the text column and then a couple summary columns (formula "sum" results). I hide the columns containing the details because frankly no one care about that level of detail except me. I'll need it later.

It seems that in order to have the details and hide them at the same time, I have to retain my two-instances method . . . right? I mean, Word Tables can't do & then hide the math, right?

Thanks again for being quick & reassuring. Definition is wonderful!!! :D

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