Need Help fixing Outlook 2010 mail that's not spam

Dec 9, 2015
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To make a long story short I had to reinstall all of my apps when I migrated to Windows 10 and this included my copy of Office 2010. Since then I discovered that I have some setting or settings that are impacting messages tagged as spam and I'm looking for some help.

When the message is tagged as spam and placed in the spam folder the message is automatically converted from HTML to plain text and hyperlinks in the message are disabled which is the behavior that I observed when Office was installed on Windows 7. What's different about this install is that when you move the message from the spam folder to the inbox Outlook is not returning the message to it's original state where the message is displayed in an HTML format and the hyperlinks are re-enabled. I've worked around the HTML/Plain text issue but I have not been able to return the hyperlink functionality to any message so far.

Can anyone tell me how to setup Outlook 2010 so that the message automatically returns to HTML format and the hyperlinks are re-enabled when the message is moved to the inbox?


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