need help making chart



I have a data table which im trying to produce a some charts from but
cant seem to get it right.

bit hard to explain without seeing the table so I have provided the
dummy workbook im working on at

in this example ive got the big data table, and the type of chart im
trying to produce form it us just below. the problem is ive had to
manually create another smaller table under the big one in order to get
the chart to look anything like what its meant to.

i really need to have 3 charts produced based on whats in the big table
if possible, I need charts by week, month and year in the same format
as the chart ive made.

also in the chart i did manage to get which is just using total dummy
data, i need to put another 2 columns on the right hand end with
another axis on it for total actual and total plan which adds up the
numbers from the rest of the columns in the chart and displays the
total for that period. I also cant work out why the legend is listing
everything like that when all i want it to list is actual as one colour
and planned as another (i clicked on the columns myself and changed
their colours and suddenly the legend which did just say "week10"
changed to what it is now.

What I need really is just some way to be able to generate these charts
quickly without having to manually create these data tables because
theres going to be lots of data in the proper thing, at the moment its
just one small thing from one of the project groups.

also the way the main data table is at the moment, the only way of
telling which project group each row belongs to is by the 'project'
columns cell colour, for which i have put a key at the top, currently
its just purple because they are all part of the 'special projects
infrastructure' group. for my sample table i just made up the data so
i could demonstrate what the table should roughly look like.

anyone help with this? seems very complicated to me, ive done a
-little- bit of vb in excel with comand buttons and autofilter but not
done any charting and this seems to me not the easiest charts to make.



Debra Dalgleish

You could add a column to the table, in which you enter the project
type, to match your coloured categories at the top of the worksheet.

Then, create a pivot table from the data, with project type in the Row
area, and actual and planned fields in the Data area.

Add Date to the Page area, and you can filter for a specific date.

Create a pivot chart or normal chart from the pivot table. There's
information on pivot tables and pivot charts here:

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