Need to Password protect folders not just Files in Excel and Word



I need to password protect my folders in both Excel and Word instead of 250
different files????

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By the way you have a stand alone PC or in a network? You using a NT based
OS like Windows XP. If you in a network, there is a way to share the folders,
the systme prompts the user for user name and password.

If you have a stand alone PC you might try use some software like PGP.

Alternatively you can write some code that would monitor the disk activity
and if your folder is, prompt the user to enter password.

One more alternative is write a program in which you would loop through
each of the documents, eopn each document, assign password and save the
documents, but this way you need to have a very strong password generating

But the easiest solution for this would be to use software like PGP or
similar programs that use some strong encryption.

Hope you found this helpful.



May 27, 2016
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Hi, is it possible to unlock the password protected excel file? I downloaded a couple of programs and spent hours on cracking the password but without any luck.

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