Nested Field within LINK Field is replaced with Value

Dec 20, 2011
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I'm trying to use a DOCVARIABLE (nested) field or a REF (nested) field within the LINK field. But in updating it replaces the DOCVARIABLE (or REF) field with the value of the nested field (in stead of keeping the nested field itself). (Using <Alt>+<F9> confirms this.)

Example of used code:
{ LINK Excel.Sheet.8 { REF PathOfExcelSourceFile } "SheetName!RangeName" \t \* MERGEFORMAT }

{ LINK Excel.Sheet.8 { DOCVARIABLE PathOfExcelSourceFile } "SheetName!RangeName" \t \* MERGEFORMAT }

PathOfExcelSourceFile = C:\Test.xls

I've checked several thinks for the "PathOfExcelSourceFile":
  • path between ""; (PathOfExcelSourceFile = "C:\Test.xls")
  • using \\ in path in stead of \; (PathOfExcelSourceFile = "C:\\Test.xls")
  • trying a path without spaces in the directory of file name.

I'm using Microsoft Word 2003.

Any clue?


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