New to the Forum, Need help with Project User Setup



Hello Geniuses,

I'm new to the forums and Project Server 2007 and just wanted to thank
everyone in advance for your help. Let me know if I’m not making myself
clear in any of my statements or if you need any more info. Basically we
are just trying to Restore a Customer's Database into an image of
project server 2007 that we already have setup and need to get into
the projects via Office Project Professional so we can cross reference
the data to find out what went missing or what went wrong.

Here is the story so far.

Image Configuration

Windows Server 2003
SQL Server 2005 (SP2)
Project Server 2007

The customer sent me a backup of the Draft and Published databases,
backups which were done through Project Server. We did not get the
Reporting and Archiving Databases because they were too large. So I
went ahead and restored both the Draft and Published Database overtop
two databases that were already setup in my Image of the same type. I
was able to provision both those Databases with a Reporting and Archive
that were already setup on my image. The provisioning worked ok and I
can now view the projects through the Database’s homepage.

So I know for sure that the projects are there. Now when I try to open
the projects through Project Professional I get an authentication

So I figured that I might need to add a user so I can be able to access
it. But when I try to add the user through the menu and give him full
rights to everything Project Server tells me it's been created but
when I go back into my list, he does not appear in my list nor do any
other user’s that I tried to create and when I go to try and recreate
them, they show that they are already in use.

Any help would be appreciated. And once again thank you . Let me know
if you have any more questions.





Mike Glen

Hi Newtech1 ,

Try posting on the server newsgroup as this one is closing down. Please see
FAQ Item: 24. Project Newsgroups. FAQs, companion products and other useful
Project information can be seen at this web
address: .

Mike Glen
Project MVP


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