nk into onenote 2016 paragraph from excel 2016 cell

Feb 24, 2013
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I use OneNote extensively during daily operations, but keep detailed transaction records, and create reports in Excel.

I need to insert a link into an excel cell that points to a paragraph in a onenote notebook. When reading the excel report, which has summarized data, clicking on the link would open the page with the paragraph linked to (in OneNote).
I have one screen with Excel, and the other with OneNote. See screen print below.

I've been able to do it only by manually creating a link in excel, and pasting in the paragraph address from OneNote.

Pasting the OneNote link into an excel cell only pastes the TEXT content of the link, but there is not "URL" in the line in excel.

TIA for any ideas. I could write VBA code if I could just see how to make it work!

Pete A


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