no graphics on website launched using frontpage



I launched my web site by uploading my frontpage 2002 design. In frontpage
the graphics were loaded using a template. My host does not support
frontpage extensions, I'm assuming the template has extensions that can't be
translated. I'm not familiar with setting up borders, buttons or graphics on
HTML. What I would like to know is if there is a setting I can adjust and
resave my project, then load it again or a website that can show me in an
easy way how to program buttons, borders and backgrounds for free. Thanks, J.

Andrew Murray

Templates are normal HTML files - they are used to give a site a uniform
look and feel across all pages. There's no special hidden code or extension
in them.

I suspect is it either 1) you don't have a web open and haven't imported
your images or 2) you haven't published the images correctly or to the
correct folder or some related problem.

If you provide the URL to your site we can have a look and determine more
fully what the problem is.

Since your server doesn't support the server extensions, publishing is a
little more involved as you have to make sure all files are transferred to
the server using FTP.

Note, that with FP's http mode it tracks the files and amongst other things,
recognises when a file has changed and therefore will publish it unless you
tell it not to. Without the server extensions, this is left to you to

What do you mean by "program buttons and images"?? There's nothing to
program, simply insert them on your page.

If you want a tutorial on *using Frontpage* try

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