Not printing black image of photos on PDF CMYK



We are using Pub 2002. We use adobe photoshop 6 for our
photos, and Adobe acrobate 5 for our distiller. When I
tone and resize an image in photoshop and save it as a
CMYK jpeg, and place the picture in Pub 2002 then print it
to the distiller I get a red X where the black image
should be.

Besides that If I open up MS paint and copy and paste the
image, then resave it as a jpeg, it seems to print just
fine. Also we did not have this problem when we used Pub

Any ideas on a solution or where I might look for help?





1) it is entirely conceivable that there is no black component to the cmyk
conversion. in any event, if there is a black component it ought to be quite
light (if photoshop is set up correctly, which is to say not using default)

2) try using tif instead of jpeg. sometimes the jpeg format is a barrier to
separation. for press use, jpeg should (IMHO) be banned.



*MS Publisher*

I always find unless you have a DTP application that is native CMYK
inserting CMYK pictures always causes issues. Stick to RGB pictures and let
the software do the conversion to CMYK along with everything else.

I am with Mac all the way, JPG should be a banned image file. Use TIF or

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