Number to an existing outline


Sean Ross

I have an existing outline originally created with no numbering and have
decided I would like to display outline numbers.

text, text
heading 2
heading 3
heading 3

I would like to transform this into:
1) heading1
text, text
1.1) heading 2
1.1.1) heading 3
1.1.2) heading 3
2) heading1

Unfortunately, clicking on the options that used to work easily in Word 2003
now result in numbering all of the above items sequentially, not multi-level
at all.

1) heading1
2) text, text
3)heading 2
5)heading 3
6)heading 3

Some of the comments on this thread talk about linking things and it sounds
like a computer programming project. There are already two built-in options
that are supposed to do what I am asking for. I really don't want to mess
around with linking this and programming that. Is there any simple (ie. one
or two click) way to get a multi-level list?

If there isn't any simple way to do it, is there any way to save a
functional multi-level list so I only have to screw around with the
complicated stuff once? Better, has anyone else programmed one that I can
just copy from some kind of a template file?


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