Obtaining shapes coords upon drag'n'drop



Hello group,
consider a compound shape ( cs) and an area of a kind similar to a building
map. Now, as I drag'n'drop the cs shape accross the map, each time I 'drop'
the cs shape I need it to recalculate the coords of its parts relative to a
map part upon which it was dropped. My questions:
1. What event does a shape generate upon being moved to another place on a
2. Is a different set of events generated when a shape is dropped upon
another shape?
3. What is a 'best practice' for calculating whether eg a rectangle was
dropped on a line or not; I mean - is there a more comfortable way ( like a
'doesIntersect' procedure for example) then just x2 - x1, y2 - y1, ...?:)
Any help appreciated!

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