ODBC Data Source - Excel 2010



Hi all

OK, I'm working mucho in the dark here, cos I don't understand what has been
setup and working happily for a number of years.

We have Great Plains accounting system into which has been linked a cost
control excel spreadsheet.
With our existing clients (running XP and Excel 2003), accessing this
spreadsheet has not been an issue...
Create an ODBC link under System DSN Tab to the SQL (Great Plains) database
and the spreadsheet loads and refreshes etc no problem.

I am now trying to repeat this procedure on a Windows 7 (64 bit) client
running Excel 2010.
The following problems are encountered:

Excel found unreadable content in Cost Control Sheet.xls. Do you want to
recover the content of the workbook? If you trust the source click yes."
On clicking Yes ....... "Excel was able to open the file by repairing or
removing content"

"Repairs were made to "PivotTable1" on [Cost Control Sheet.xls]Cost Control

"Repairs were made to "PivotTable1" on [Cost Control Sheet.xls]Cost Control
Sheet PO Cost."

Also, a separate alert message was received with the header "Select Data

This gave two tab options either File Data Source or Machine Data Source (no
system data source was presented).

So I don't understand why the Excel sheet should be noted as unreadable - I
have since accessed the spreadsheet using an XP client without issues.

And I don't understand why the Select Data Source dialog was presented or
why the System DSN entry appears to have been ignored.

Anyone shed light on any of this please?




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