ODBC error 100 when accessing Bookkeeper version 15 software (accounting software using Access dbase)

Dec 6, 2019
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We are having problems getting our backup to restore to the Bookkeeper software. After we load zip backup file and then it restarts and then go to start bookkeeper and get pop up ODBC Microsoft Access Driver Login Failed. It asked for login details, but we've never had to log on before this way. Another window pops up as Bookkeeper Program Error - Error 100. (I've attached photos of the login/error details)

I called Microsoft Technical Support, but they are not able to finish helping us and mentioned to use the forum for help. Please see below the transcript from tech support specialist that helped me:

As discussed following are the troubleshooting steps we performed.

Ran Bookkeeper in compatability mode> unable to launch
Checked program permissions > permissions were available for user (administrative)
Checked ODBC database, Office app (Excel, Access drivers were not installed)
Tried to add a new Data Source from ODBC Data Source Administrator
> Still unable to access bookkeeper
Tried to add new SQL server > unable to find exact server settings

Customer Support case ID is 1489886913

Please help!!
Thank you!


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