Office 03 won't update


Paul B.

1. Again, sorry for a new thread each time I post, for those using
real newsreaders. Google's alternate posting address function is
broken on Replies.

2. Peter Foldes, MS MVP contacted me via email and had the spot-on
solution to my problem. I needed to nullify the Office 11 subkeys in
the Registry at HCU and HLM /software/microsoft, so that a subsequent
Repair of the installation would be successful. He must be absolutely
correct that my registry cleaning wiped out something vital. That is a
bummer, and I need to think that through thoroughly.

3. Having done that, the Office update worked smoothly.

So a big thanks to Peter! You definitely know your stuff! Much
appreciated. Sorry it took me so long to get your mail, but this is a
spam-trap address that I check infrequently.



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