Office 2019 for mac, will it still…?

Sep 16, 2017
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I am still using the 2011 version and am looking at getting the 2019 version (Microsoft Office 2019 Mac Standard, not the 365 as we can not to use cloud stuff for security reasons).

I like to know if certain functions still work in 2019 that worked in 2011. For example Apple Scripts. I have several that I use all the time (stored in the Outlook folder for scripts). Here an example (in case somebody likes to test or for easy understanding), this script nukes a selected message on the spot, gone forever.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
set theMsgs to the current messages -- selected messages
repeat with theMsg in theMsgs
permanently delete theMsg
end repeat
on error errMsg number errNum
set theSubject to subject of theMsg
set theFolder to name of «class stor» of theMsg
display dialog errMsg & return & return & errNum & return & return & "(Erroring on message: " & theSubject & " in " & theFolder & ")" with icon 2
end try
end tell

Now the second part of this scripts magic is that one can run it with a keyboard command. This works by adding, in this, ‘\cD’ to the title (or any keyboard combination you like) so this script is called ‘Nuke Message\cD’ and using the control key and D it nukes the message.

In Word I like to know if Macros are still supported. I remember (I think) that in the 2008 version they where not. I use these a lot, like to change language in documents or fonts or…

Thanks for your help folks.

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