Office 365 Outlook adding unwanted HTML to Email Body

May 12, 2020
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I am using an Access database application to create emails that have an HTML body and are viewed using HTML. When I test this application on my personal desktop computer using MS Office 365 Access and Outlook, it works great. The Emails are exactly as designed and a review of the HTML source code in the Email confirms that the Email source code is as designed. The problem occurs when I run the application on a Government Laptop computer.

When I test the application on a Government Laptop computer the Email body is truncated after just two lines of HTML and a bunch of "strange characters are added. The result is an unusable Email. A review of the problematic Email Source code reveals that a significant amount of HTML code has been added to the HTML code I designed. Much of this code references MS Word in <META> tags. I believe Outlook is adding this code but cannot understand why or how to stop the addition of the code. A review of Outlook setting on my personal computer vs the Gov laptop does not show any differences.

The Gov computer does require a CAC Card to Access the computer.

I did attach two pictures of the source code from the Accurate Email and the problematic Email. The code is not complete because the screen was too large, but you can see added code and the type of tags associated with it.

Appreciate any thoughts.

Thank you


  • Example_Accurate_HTML.PNG
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  • Example_Added_HTML.PNG
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  • View of Accurate Email.PNG
    View of Accurate Email.PNG
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  • View_Of_Problem_Email.PNG
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